Now a days cloud computing has created a new trend for IT world, where the data and applications are stored in the cloud [i.e. internet] rather than physical servers...

now every company is trying to adopt this technique by creating their own platforms for cloud computing and deploy the applications
ex: Microsoft has Windows Azure as its Cloud computing platform.

Different computer organisations and societies like CSI, ACM, IEEE have already conducted many workshops, seminars on cloud computing.

Cloud computing is not so easy that we can learn it in one work shop, students persuing B.Tech [CSE, IT], MCA, M.Tech can have this as a part of the academics in final year 1st semester, so that they can have enough idea on it and persue their careers in Cloud computing...

and for the lab purpose, we can have deployment of any application [web based or application based] using .net or Java and deploy it in the private cloud.

Not a sudden change

When ever JNTU releases the results, Students face lot of problems in retrieving their results, since a lot of traffic at a time, and less number of servers in JNTU.

To overcome this problem, JNTU may arrange more servers and decrease the traffic, but after a week of the results those servers are of no use, but we cannot remove them.

so increasing physical servers is a bit expensive, so JNTU can deploy the results on a private cloud so that students can retrive the data very easily, and the traffic is more, then the cloud occupies virtual memory and gives the desired output.

i think i'm going very deep into this topic....

Already in use

KMIT [Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology] narayanaguda, hyderabad, have come up with a innovative idea.

Kmit tv is an online based tv where all the JNTU students can view all the lectures or labs or seminars online,

KMIT TV is a cloud based application, Recently CSI organised an Event on Cloud Computing in KMIT. Even those videos are available online.

So Guys lets hope... this works positively